Baby Scholars

Studies show that the earlier children are exposed to a high-quality learning environment, the greater their academic success is later in life.

Baby Scholars is an educational program designed to help parents help their children reach their full potential. Baby Scholars gives parents of children five months to five years the tools they need to help their babies grow smarter and to equip their children for kindergarten. The program focuses on helping parents become the best teachers they can be, so their children can succeed in school and in life.

Baby Scholars offers in-home coaching for parents of children 5 months – 5 years old. An 11-week curriculum helps children learn how to follow directions, take turns, recognize sounds and letters, and use more words. Parents and children work with trained coaches in the home one day each week.

The Baby Scholars program also provides a 10-week summer preschool for children four years old entering kindergarten. During the summer months, children learn colors and shapes, develop pre-reading skills, and prepare for kindergarten.

Home coaching, fun interactive parent/child workshops, and abbreviated preschool programs are all based on the research and proven models of Susan Landry, a nationally recognized expert in parenting and early childhood. Dr. Landry is the founder and director of the Children's Learning Institute at University of Texas Health Science Center.

Baby Scholars is open to families who live in and around the Boston Square and Cottage Grove neighborhoods and the Hope Zones.

Program Director: Kimberly Spencer
Main: (616) 819-1406
Office: (616) 819-1413

Supervisor: Emily Vandenbos
Phone: (616) 256-0447



Locations: Explore & Learn Academy (ELA)
1250 Sigsbee SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Early Learning Center (ELC)
641 Vries St. SW. Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Dates: June-August 2021

Morning Classes:
Monday – Thursday: 9 a.m. – Noon

Afternoon Classes:
Monday - Thursday: 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Contact: Kimberly Spencer
Phone: (616) 819-1406 | Office: (616) 819-1413