ELNC Finds an Epic Solution to an Epic Problem!

Since the implementation of programming in 2012, ELNC has renovated and opened 17 classrooms that were intentionally designed and located to meet the needs of children living within our most vulnerable neighborhoods. Key findings during this time supported what we intuitively knew: Parents who are struggling to meet basic needs and have little or no social capital may have limited capacity and resources to act as a positive change agent for their children.

In response to this issue, PONA Consulting L3C partnered with us to develop and pilot the Empowering Parents Impacting Children (EPIC) Model. The core strategy of the model is to provide support, through the services of a Family Coach, to families as they identify and address barriers preventing them from meeting their basic needs and developing a Family Centered Social Capital building plan.

Based on the powerful results of our pilot project we are integrating the EPIC Model within all of our Early Childhood Education programs. This dual generational approach will enable us to provide for the holistic needs of our families.