Parent Engagement

Parent Action Council (PAC)

The Parent Action Council combines the identified leadership skills of parents and the role of advocacy. Through training, parents will be equipped to speak out on behalf of their children and influence policy makers on issues affecting them at the local, State and Federal level.

All Dads Matter (ADM)

#ALLDADSMATTER was developed to directly address the barriers between our fathers and their children. We provide mentors, services, and solutions for many of the socio-economic issues our families face and help our fathers see the vital role they play in their child’s development. In all our programs and efforts the message is clear: a father’s involvement in their child’s life is not optional. We want to break the stigma that young children only need a mother. All our fathers will have access to a facilitator/coach who can give the resources and connections they need to play an active role in their child’s life. We are reminding them that they matter, that All Dads matter.

Fatherhood Convening

Our All Dads Matter program culminates in a yearly Fatherhood Convening, where we invite all fathers in the community to become connected with the program. The event begins with a presentation of our programs efforts, its successes, and details how to become involved. At this event we host representatives from Friend of the Court-Kent County, family law attorneys, social workers and mentors who are able to answer questions and provide information concerning legal concerns, formulating working relationships with their child’s mother, and how to embrace their role as a father.