Parent Engagement

Parent Policy Council (PPC)

The Parent Policy Council combines the identified leadership skills of parents and the role of advocacy. Through training, parents will be equipped to speak out on behalf of their children and influence policy makers on issues affecting them at the local, State and Federal level.


REAL (Responsible, Engaged, Accountable, Leaders) DADs was launched in 2018 to address the unmet need of community support for fathers in lower-income communities. Participants are recruited from ELNC’s current partners, who are 1) fathers of children between the ages of 0-5 enrolled in one of ELNC’s programs, and, 2) for lower-income households. This program focuses on creating resources for families by making sure the fathers in ELNC programs are fully involved and supported.

Many of the fathers in our programs have complex life issues; for example, they are very young, single/not-married to child’s mother, and previously incarcerated. They all share the unmet need of feeling empowered and supported as fathers. REAL Dads is designed to build the fathers’ self-confidence and provide peer and mentor support. It also creates the opportunity to be leaders in the community, provides access to resources for dealing with issues of custody, and other parenting essentials.

REAL Dads is primarily funded by Kent County Unmet Needs.