Preschool Programs

The ELNC Preschool Programs are designed to increase the
accessibility of early scholastic resources for vulnerable children and provide quality education to children in our neighborhoods.

Please see below for a listing of our preschool programs in a variety of neighborhoods. All preschools are currently enrolling 3 and 4 year olds for the upcoming school year. Space is limited. To enroll first find yourself on our partner site map, locate the closest preschool program, contact them by email or phone, fill out our intake form and drop it off at your partner site.

Early Learning Center (ELC) 
Tonya Harris | | 616-323-3199 

SECOM Resource Center
Kelly Coduti | | 616-452-7684 

Hispanic Center of Western Michigan
Daphne Windom | | 616-742-0200

United Methodist Community House
Michelle | | 616-452-3226

Explore & Learn Academy 
Kimberly Peterson | | 616-819-1405

Steepletown Preschool
Ben Canon | | 616-965-5825

Grand Rapids Community College Lab Preschool
JaneAnn Benson | | 616-234-4004

Grand Rapids Early Childhood Discovery Center
Briah | | 616-459-0110