Technical Assistance for Social Change (TASC)

ELNC is a trusted, place-based early learning collaborative that provides funding, innovative shared support services, and advocacy to partner organizations rooted in vulnerable communities.

Through its successful dual-generational model, ELNC and its partners provide family support and high-quality, culturally competent early childhood educational services to vulnerable families.

Stakeholders throughout the Early Childhood Education (ECE) ecosystem (local providers, philanthropic funders, state agencies, etc.) who face a number of challenges in delivering quality services to vulnerable children and families are asking us how to take what was successfully implemented in Grand Rapids, Michigan to their community.

ELNC model utilizes a Hub and Spoke delivery system of quality early childhood education services that include place based strategies for Teacher Training, Culturally Relevant Environments, Dual Generation Family Engagement and Emerging Indigenous Leadership Development. We believe that people, provided with sufficient resources and the tools needed, have the inherent capacity to solve their own problems and that social transformation is within the reach of all communities. That is why ELNC has created Technical Assistance for Social Change (TASC), as its consulting arm to work with key stakeholders (community groups, local providers, funders, state agencies, etc.) who desire to develop place based solutions that eliminate barriers preventing vulnerable children from accessing quality early learning opportunities.

TASC is a self-supported, Fee-For-Service component, and will provided additional sustainable revenues to support ELNC Hub Services and in particular our advocacy efforts.




Pedagogical Expertise: Dr. Nkechy Ekere Ezeh, ELNC Founder

TASC Project Manager: (616) 589-4233


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